The art and science of collaborative decision making™


Consensus Technology consults on collaborative processes for successful teams.

We consult on all aspects of team operation for local, remote, and virtual teams: formation, leadership, problem solving, consensus building, and communication.

We work with organizations of all kinds, from startups to corporations to community groups and at all levels from Director/CEO to line workers.

We work with existing groups, or we can help develop a team culture and design an infrastructure to support it.

We empower teams to overcome roadblocks to success including lack of vision, lack of consensus, and fear.

Organizations benefiting from Consensus's involvement are those that value the contribution of individuals in the overall pursuit of excellence. Acting as catalyst, Consensus gets personally involved and uses a process-based approach to get teams to comprehend issues, define solutions and get started on the path to realization.

The result yields the true benefits of the team culture; innovative solutions to problems, increased productivity and efficiency, and, valuable in today's job market, increased team member motivation and satisfaction.