There are two fundamental tenets of the Consensus Technology philosophy:

    … using simple techniques based on the principles of investigation, inclusion, and respect makes decisions possible even in complex situations

    … making decisions can be a fun, learning and team-building experience.

These beliefs form the cornerstone of the Consensus Technology approach to problem solving.

Consensus Technology
was born out of experience with groups of people (teams) having difficulty making choices among competing alternatives. This difficulty could be attributed to a few basic factors, typically: how the choices were being presented, who was involved in the decision process, how they were treated, and how the process itself was structured. By specifically addressing these factors, Consensus helps clients avoid the pitfalls that plague decision making every day.

From this basic philosophy emerge several key points that form the foundation of our approach to problem solving and decision making. As you learn about these points consider the following:

    How many of these points have been directly included in your previous problem solving experiences?

    What do you think would have been different about the outcome had they been included?