Consensus Technology, LLC, a limited liability company based in Seattle, Washington, was conceived in 1998 by James H. MacConnell.

The company specializes in the art and science of collaborative problem solving. We assist groups, teams and communities of all kinds in developing and applying the skills necessary to work together, identify creative solutions and arrive at timely, well-developed and well-documented decisions.

the development of the consensus approach

Jim worked in the high technology aerospace industry for 19 years. Over those years, he witnessed the birth of team based organizations and was part of the first team implementations in his company. As Total Quality Management (TQM) and Continuous Improvement (CI) became the new standards in terms of business practices and working in teams became the norm, it was apparent that some teams worked well while others struggled.

The difference between the successful and unsuccessful teams, was due in large part to a set of tools and approaches which were either missing or not applied. The problem lay in that these approaches were not to be found in the conventional team building training classes and work experience. Jim developed an approach and a philosophy that filled this gap.

This approach dramatically reduced the time required for a team to become a cohesive unit and to accomplish its specific task. Along the way, the teams developed a unity that allowed them to go beyond their immediate tasking and develop truly innovative approaches to addressing their business practices. These empowered, self-driven, self-motivated teams, constantly trying to improve the way they worked became a mark of Jim's involvement.

the founding of the company

In 1997, a major change occurred In the aerospace industry. The consolidation of companies and a shift to a more short term profit based focus in most areas made the need for long term improvement a difficult area to get supported. As tighter and tighter control was exerted on "teams", the ability of teams to be self-driven was curtailed, the expansion of true empowered teams essentially stopped, and improvements to the work environment became increasingly difficult to achieve. In mid-1998, frustrated by the change in environment, Jim left the aerospace industry.

Jim decided to spend time with his family (catching up for lost time) and to devote himself to bringing his problem solving and decision making skills to others. In late 1998, he decided to create Consensus Technology and in February of 1999 the company was formed. Its goal is to help businesses, teams and other groups excel by placing their probloem solving power in the hands of those best able to understand issues, develop solutions and benefit from the results.

The company offers the benefits of empowered, motivated team problem solving to any entity open to change. This is accomplished in part by bringing the techniques that have been so successful in the aerospace research environment to the business, community and educational environments, and in part by bringing the philosophy of empowered decision making to those groups.