When you first contact us, we will evaluate your situation in detail. We will assess where in the decision process you are and develop a set of recommendations. These allow us to focus our joint efforts on the important next steps.

The key to successful consensus development is applying the right skills at the right time. To deliver these skills to you, Consensus offers a set of integrated services, which are geared towards addressing common team or group situations. In addition, Consensus offers a variety of basic services which allow us to respond to your needs in a precise, focused way.

If one of our integrated services does not meet your needs, we will be glad to discuss your particular situation and help you decide which, if any, of the basic services are right for you. Each of the basic services complements the others and a mix is usually the most effective approach to getting a group up and making decisions on its own.

Look these over and then contact us so we can discuss your particular situation.