The Consensus Technology approach addresses basic issues of collaborative problem solving and decision making. This means that it is applicable to a broad spectrum of public and private decision arenas. In fact, the Consensus Technology Method™ can be applied to any problem solving situation since it works as well for individuals as for groups. The only requirements for its use, and for realizing benefits from involving Consensus Technology, is that there be more than one solution to the situation and that the participants have a desire to arrive at the best solution rather than a stop gap measure.


On the following pages are Consensus Technology "examples". These are simple illustrations of potential applications of Consensus Technology's processes, although some represent actual problem solving situations in which the Consensus Technology approach has been used. The list demonstrates the range of application of our approach and some of its benefits. After looking over the list, take a look at a problem solving situation from your experience and see if the Consensus approach would have helped. It is almost guaranteed that you would have reached a better outcome, faster and with less pain/cost had you been able to bring our skills into the picture.