A crucial element of consensus development is having an established process that is clearly defined and extremely flexible. This process provides a roadmap for all participants to follow, facilitates the identification of the unique needs of the group and allows the group to define its own path.

Consensus Technology uses a four element roadmap (the Consensus Technology Method™) as a guide to the decision process. With this, any group can identify what it should work towards next and it can also assess where it has been. However, just as a roadmap is not the same as a set of directions to be followed, the Consensus Technology Method™ is not a checklist. Rather it is a set of opportunities, in a logical flow, that leads to the development of a robust decision.

A suite of techniques is used to ensure that the decision process flow is navigated in an effective manner. Some of these techniques are classic team-based techniques such as brainstorming, while others are software implementations of simple techniques such as ranking candidates, generating data and comparing alternatives. Still others are semi-custom developed solutions for particular group problems.

Of course, having a process and a set of tools does not, by itself, accomplish anything real. The accomplishments come when the process is applied to a specific problem by a committed group using the tools. At the same time, we emphasize that, although perhaps working on a single element of the process, you are, in fact, working on an overall decision strategy. Working within the context of this process allows everyone to see the purpose of their activities and gives them a sense of ownership and community. It is the application of the process that Consensus Technology is all about... helping real people make real decisions about the world around them.

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