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There is one sure sign that a group has a well developed working relationship and it is using effective processes. This group will characterize its efforts as fun. This enjoyable aspect comes in part from the group knowing where it is headed, knowing what it has to do to get there and being challenged along the way. A more important source, or is it a result, of this "good" feeling, is that the group has its internal priorities in balance which means humor is probably an important part of working together. Humor is an important part of human existence and needs be included in all of our efforts.

In tune with this philosophy, Consensus Technology provides a slightly less than serious process, tool, technique or approach, which, when correctly used can help keep a group from losing focus due to taking its work too seriously and becoming overwhelmed by the seriousness of its task. Come back often to see our new offering.

Today’s Offering: Candidate Assessment/Ranking Decision System:

The Candidate Assessment/Ranking Decision System (CARDS) is an interactive web-based tool for ranking a set of five (or fewer) potential solutions. It should be used only in those cases where the data available on each of the solutions is either, particularly suspect, or shows the solutions to be indistinguishable. This implementation should work on any recent browser. If it doesn’t, drop us a line and we will send you a version you can use.
Candidate Assessment/Ranking Decision System (CARDS)


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Consensus Technology realizes that there is a wealth of information available and recommends that everyone browse the net in order to get an understanding of the data, resources and offerings available. To help, we have compiled some relevant links. The inclusion of these links does not mean that we are promoting the sites or the individuals/companies behind them. in fact, we nay disagree with much of what you see at a particular site. We strongly believe that knowledge is power and that it should not be restricted. If you have comments about any if these sites, or would like to suggest an addition, please contact us.